BCM240: Wks 10-13 – Research Project 3


Research, via Flickr/Nicola

In the remaining weeks of session, we are working on the third assessment task – the digital research project. Here’s an outline:

  1. design, implement and evaluate a small [digital storytelling] project
  2. communicating something about how media practice is spatial in nature
  3. that demonstrates familiarity with some research in the area
  4. and demonstrates that you can work with another person who shares a story with you.

You will need to produce the project itself, online, and a short reflection of between 750 and 1000 words. The project can be in any online digital format, and I suggest you try something creative – now is the time to learn some new skills.

Simply, this project is a collaborative ethnography of spatial media practice. That means now is a good time to revisit what we mean by collaborative ethnography, a style of research helpfully set out by Lassiter in The Chicago Guide to Collaborative Ethnography.

Ask yourself,

  • What is the difference between ethnography and collaborative ethnography?
  • How does my project demonstrate this difference?

We’d like you to continue to use your blogs to document your progress. If you have an idea, blog it. If you have a halfthought, blog it. If you think you’d like to use a particular technology but you’re not sure how it could work, throw the questions out there on the blog. Use your blog to think in public. Put any links to posts in the comments here so they’re easy for other students to find, and tweet them too.

For my tutes, here is a rough outline of a workplan

  • Week 10: undertake the ethnographic component, complete background research and draft the presentation of your discovery or idea
  • Week 11: Put it all together on your chosen platform
  • Week 12: Finalise project in time for your informant to give feedback and have real input
  • Week 13: Write reflection, including your informant’s ideas and input

I want your feedback and input on this. Make comments below or tweet, or blog your own suggested timeline. 

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  1. georgiagemc Oct 6,2015 7:48 pm

    Thanks Travis! This really clears things up 🙂

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