BCM240 Week 4

Last week, I foreshadowed Kate’s phrasing about the arrival of the NBN into people’s homes with a clip from The Aunty Jack Show about the arrival of colour TV. Here it is:

I really like the parallels between how Aunty Jack says “it’s at Corrimal South!” and Kate and Sue talked about the NBN being nearly here in so many places.

Blogs last week: How can collaborative ethnographic research be used to analyse contemporary media use in the home? Use evidence.

From Lasseter: For ethnography to be really collaborative, it needs to involve benefits to the consultants, which are defined with or by the consultants, not just benefits to the researcher. How does this with with commercial research, or “corporate sensing”?

Some metaphors of the internet:

Surfing the Web

Surfing the Web (source linked)

Magneto – is the home a shield keeping the world at bay, or is media like the net an extension of ourselves by which we reach out into the world? (Source linked)

How would you go about mapping the networked home?

Task 1: Select up to two blog posts to a total of 800 words to demonstrate that you are using this environment effectively. We will look at what you write in the context of the design and use of your blog so far, for evidence of effective engagement with the ideas we are exploring in this subject. The split we’ve allocated for this is 60/40 — a bit more emphasis on the blog post

We will focus on the way in which you use online writing effectively to create readable discussions of high quality, likely to attract serious readership. Specifically, we will evaluate what you submit looking at:

  • The ideas that you raise
  • The quality of your writing (clarity, readability, and structure)
  • Your use of primary and secondary sources to support the points you make, correctly referenced

And for the design and use of your blog so far, we’ll be looking for the impression you create both in terms of the above criteria, along with the style, navigation and features in your blog. Remember, this is just a small task to get you started, so show us what you have and we’ll give you feedback on that. All you need to submit is the URLs for the two posts.

Blogs this week: Return to the household of the person you spoke with in week 2. What kind of internet access is there? How many devices, and how many data plans? Can that household connect to the NBN? Talk to as many members of the household as you can about the experience of fast broadband
in this home and write this up as a research post on your blog, connecting what you learn to available data, commentary or analysis.