Digital Artefacts

In the first year digital communications subject Convergent Media Practices at UOW, students are given the opportunity to work on a digital artefact as their major assessment. The artefacts can blend a range of media and take many forms. The main criteria are that they’re available on the public internet, have clearly defined social utility, and be an application of Marshall McLuhan’s aphorism ‘the medium is the message.’ They also have to submit a reflective contextual essay.

Here are a bunch of artefacts from my students that caught my eye, either for their proficiency in addressing the criteria or some other x-factor like creativity or humour.

Madison Behringer’s ‘How To Social Media’ series featuring her pet lizards

Tara Biollo’s ‘Worlds of Wollongong’ is a lovely twist on the HONY-style photoblog featuring things rather than people. See it on Tumblr or Instagram.

Briana Williams’ tumblr, which hosts literary gifs (called litgifing), including one on The Hunger Games that at time of writing had over 8000 notes.

Amy McCann’s video series Bookish People

A Day in the Life by Rebecca Fowell, a series of several hundred Vines.

The Boy Who Snapchatted by Isabel Napier, which asks the question ‘What would have happened if Harry Potter had Snapchat?’